At Therapediatrics, we seek to have families spend more time with their loved ones while providing them with services to reach their potential in one convenient location. Parents can relax knowing that their children are getting the best service to support and empower their ability to grow.

We all grow in different ways. Growth, whether you are a child or an adult often comes out of having to face challenges. At Therapediatrics, our goal is to support and empower our clients to face these challenges and reach their potential. We do this by helping individuals and families to fill in the missing pieces and supply the resources needed to move forward and grow. Talented and experienced staff help our clients understand that their goals are achievable. Therapediarics has always provided occupational, physical, and speech therapy in addition to behavioral counseling to address any needs our clients may have.   As we look to the future we plan to increase our ability to help clients grow by finding new ways to support and enrich our client’s lives by adding groups, activities, and learning opportunities.

See the categories of our services below: