Additional Services

Therapediatrics is now Partnering with Feed to Succeed to bring nutrition expertise to the clinic

Starting Spring of 2019, Therapediatrics is excited to partner with Feed to Succeed. Feed to Succeed is an amazing group of dietitians with a clinic in Glenview. These pediatric nutrition experts are amazing at what they do and have helped many families who were struggling to meet their children’s nutritional needs. After presenting at the clinic and treating some of our staff and client’s children, we at Therapediatrics were so impressed that we asked Feed to Succeed to partner with us to bring their exceptional talent up north where more families could access their services.

Feed to Succeed works with a whole range of issues including general healthy eating, picky eaters, poor growth, preemies, kidney disease, sports nutrition, childhood cancers, type 1 diabetes, cystic fibrosis, food allergy, Celiac disease in children, other GI disorders including IBS, reflux and Crohn’s disease, obesity, and many more.

If you are interested in finding out more about what Feed to Succeed can do to help your family, check them out on their website or social media. They have podcasts, videos, and information designed to provide families not only information but introduce clients to what they do.

Feed to Succeed will be coming to our clinic in Vernon Hills monthly starting April 19th. There are currently three slots that are still open for any families that would like to schedule an appointment. If you would like to make an appointment contact Therapediatrics at 847-996-6666.

Listed below are services that are beyond those listed in other categories.

Transcend Orthotics - Partners with Therapediatrics

When it comes to pediatric orthotics, Transcend’s certified clinicians have extensive experience working with children. We will evaluate, design, and provide the most appropriate orthotic device. With products like the SMO, AFO, DCO, Cranial Helmet, and many more, we are able to find the best solution to assist each child with a wide range of mobility challenges.

Cranial Remodeling Helmets – All infants have a flexible skull. Because of this, flat spots or an abnormal shape may form, causing long term complications with visual and auditory development. A cranial helmet is designed to gently and painlessly guide the skull into a healthier shape. Transcend’s clinicians are there every step of the way to monitor your child’s cranial development and determine, through a scan, if a remolding helmet would be beneficial.

Call Therapediatrics at 847-996-6666 to schedule an appointment with Transcend for pediatric orthotics or cranial helmets for your child.

Educational Advocacy Consultations

New for 2019! Therapediatrics is excited to offer consults with our in house educational advocate.

Therapediatrics is now offering consultations with Educational Advocate Amy Slutzky, LPC.  Amy helps families navigate the complexities of advocating for their children and understanding their rights in the school system through her company Live N Learn as  well as presenting on special education to families and providers. Therapediatrics is excited to have her on staff to consult with families in need of advocacy services.

Contact the clinic for more information.

  • Sensory integrative therapy
  • Therapeutic Listening (Frick)
  • Samonas and Interactive Metronome TM 
  • Fast ForWord TM 
  • Neuro-developmental therapy
  • School/home consultations
  • School observations
  • Parent education
  • Individualized consultations
  • IEP guidance, school system assistance
  • Hypotonia, pediatric core and trunk strengthening programs
  • Intensives
  • Pre-school screenings

Please call for further information.