Support Groups

Between parenting, work and home parents can often become isolated, especially when they are facing specific challenges.  Having other parents to discuss tips and ideas can help parents to reduce stress.

Our support groups will be facilitated by a licensed therapist and will meet once monthly with a cost of $10 session. To sign up for one of our support groups please contact Therapediatrics at (847)996-6666.

Therapediatrics offers monthly support groups for adults in the following areas:

Divorced Parent Support Group

A therapist led support group for parents experiencing the challenge of divorce.

Meets: The first Monday of every month 8-9:15 pm

Next Group: 2019 Summer Schedule

June 3

July 1

August 5

September 2

Cost: No Cost to registered participants, open to the community

Registration required in advance of each session.  Please contact Therapediatrics at 847-996-6666 to register.

Learning for All - A Parent Support Group for Children Struggling in the School Setting

Is your child having difficulty at school? Unsure about the difference between a 504 plan and an IEP?  This support group is led by a lawyer with special education expertise and is for parents trying to assist their children in getting appropriate assistance at school.  A group for parents to connect and brainstorm ideas to help their children maximize their ability to learn in the school setting.

Meets: First Tuesday of Every month at 5:30 pm 

Summer Schedule 2019

Group is taking a break for summer and will resume in August

Cost: No Cost to registered participants, open to the community

Registration required in advance of each session.  Please contact Therapediatrics at 847-996-6666 to register.

Food Allergy Support Group for Kids

Navigating life with food allergies can be a challenge, especially when you are a kid.  Connecting with other kids who have similar issues and sharing experiences can be extremely supportive. Groups will include discussion time and an activity each session.  For interested parents, there will be a concurrent parent support group offered at the same time.

Ages: 3rd through 8th grade

Meets: The Third Thursday of every month at 6-7:15 pm

Next Group: June 20

Cost: No Cost for registered participants

Registration required in advance of each session.  Please contact Therapediatrics at 847-996-6666 to register.

Social Skills Groups

Our clinic has always found that groups are helpful with children who need to practice their social skills. Social skills groups increase the confidence of kids when they explore more in the community.

Therapediatrics is currently offering the following social skills groups:

Nature Explorers – Learning to Regulate Outdoors

Research shows us time and again that for healthy, well rounded development of physical, social-emotional, and cognitive skills, kids need to spend time in a natural outdoor play environment. In our current culture and the busyness of our daily lives, it can be challenging to provide these key experiences for our children.

If you’re looking for a place to start, the Nature Explorers group is for you! Nature Explorers is a new group designed to encourage your child’s sensory, motor, communication, self-regulation, problem solving, and social skill development through exploration of spaces and objects you can find in your own backyard! Led by two occupational therapists who are experienced and passionate about children and nature, this group will provide opportunities to develop these foundational skills for your child in a fun and unique setting.

Tuesdays at 3 pm

6 Weeks

Start Date: June 11

Building Your Shield

Formed in response to the success of our parent presentation under the same name, this group focuses on how to help kids learn to not give their power away. The group will focus on providing practical strategies to increase empowerment and control and also how to help children how to assess the safety of a situation and what responses are needed. Skills that will be addressed include:

*Defining Teasing vs Bullying

*Identifying and Recognizing Put Downs

*Effectively Responding to Negativity

*Assessing Safety in a situation

*How to be a Responsive and Safe Bystander

Time: Wednesdays at 6-7:15 pm

Start Date: May 29

Cost: $30/session

Girls Rock

A group for girls 8-11 to help navigate through today’s challenges. Issues that will be addressed include social skills, friends, internet safety, dealing with stress.

Mondays at 6:30

8 Weeks

Start Date: June 10

Not finding what you are looking for?  We are always open to starting new groups.  Call us and let us know about your families needs and interests and we can discuss options.

To sign up call 847-996-6666 for more information.

Social skills groups help children to learn, develop, and practice important life skills including:

Learning to grow through adventure. Role playing games allow participants to practice social skills

New for 2019!
Dungeons and Dragons Social Skills Group

  • Improving communication and conversation skills
  • Enhancing Self-Esteem
  • Managing Impulses
  • Reducing Social Anxiety and Stress
  • Developing Anger Management Skills

Cost: $25 per session or can be billed through insurance

Skilled Therapy Groups

Groups that combine both therapeutic goals and social skills can empower children and support them at the same time.

Therapediatrics offers the following skilled clinics:

Community Leaders

A 8 week sessions helping to develop future community leaders. Helping adolescents to develop a growth mindset in overcoming challenges. Teens will have the opportunity to talk about the stresses they face daily and how to turn their knowledge into strength to help them become future leaders. Teens who complete this program will also have the opportunity to assist in the younger children’s social skills groups.

Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

8 Weeks

Start Date: May 23


Learning to tie shoes can often leave kids tied up in knots of frustration. Let our experienced therapists help your child to develop the fine motor skills to tie their own shoes and leave the velcro behind.

Groups offered change throughout the year so please contact us for further information on what is currently available.