Physical Therapy

Kids need to have fun as they gain strength, balance, and coordination related to their gross motor skills.

Physical therapy helps children maintain or improve the use of their bones, joints, muscles, and nerves.  More importantly, they obtain self-confidence and an enhanced self-esteem as they improve in sports skills, motor skills, and overall fitness.

Our therapists are educated in child development and will work with your child to enhance coordination, strength, and balance.

Therapediatrics is excited to introduce Physical Therapy Services for Adults at the clinic.

Indicators for Physical Therapy Evaluation for Children:


  • Your child is not tolerating tummy time by 4 months
  • Child is not sitting by 9 months
  • Child demonstrates preference to roll in only one direction
  • Child has a flat spot on one side of the head
  • Child sleeps with head turned to one side or prefers to look to one side only
  • Child is not crawling by 11 months


  • Child W sits all the time
  • Child is not walking by 18 months
  • Child prefers to climb up steps instead of use legs at 2 1/2 years old
  • Child walks with their toes in (pigeon toed)
  • Child does not ride a tricycle by 3 years


  • By four years – run, jump forward, hop on one leg
  • By five years – go up and down steps alternating feet, ride a tricycle well, jump forward, backward, and over obstacles with accuracy
  • By six years – jumping jacks, skipping, walking forward, sideways, backward on balance beam