Often families do not have information to help support themselves and their family members at home and in the community. Therapediatrics is planning workshops in the Fall of 2019 to help individuals and families remedy some of these concerns.

Please check back as we update our workshop offerings in the coming months.

Stress Free IEP - Saturday September 14, 1-2 pm

The Stress Free IEP is designed for parents of children aged 3 to 13, whether they are aging out of early intervention or starting to age out of school. In this presentation, parents will learn more than just the process of getting an IEP. Parents will learn how to design that IEP for what makes your child a part of your family, not just a student who completes generic goals.

It can be stressful to advocate for your child without fighting. This workshop also includes strategies to keep your sanity. Using strategies of mindfulness and CBT, parents will discover easy, practical, and effective ways to feel strong and empowered.

The Stress Free IEP will help parents:

• Learn about resources and strategies for your child and YOU.

• Feel support as you navigate the unchartered waters of school professionals

• Find a community that accepts all your feelings and experiences

Isn’t it time to be free from stress?

led by Educational Advocate Amy Slutzky, MA, LPC, NCC and mom of son with ASD

Fee: $10/person

*Babysitting provided for ages 5+ at $5 per child

Kindergarten Readiness 101

Join three presenters as they discuss strategies for parents to support a successful transition for kids starting school.  Topics for the presentation will be covered below with time for parents to have a Q & A session with each presenter. 

Topics Included:

Preparing Children for Early Reading Success

Enabling Independent Learning Skills through Executive Functioning

Thriving in a school enviornment with social and emotional regulation

Date: Sunday August 18

Time: 3-4:30

Cost: Free to the community

Registration is needed as space is limited – contact Therapediatrics at (847) 996-6666 to register.

*Babysitting provided for ages 5+ at $5 per child

Help Build Your Child's Shield: Developing Your Child's Resilience to Stressful Events -
September 23 at 6:30 pm

This parent workshop is designed to show parents how to help their children to not give their power away. This program focuses on providing practical strategies to increase empowerment and control and also how to help children how to assess the safety of a situation and what responses are needed.

Parents will learn to help their children :

*Defining Teasing vs Bullying

*Identifying and Recognizing Put Downs

*Effectively Responding to Negativity

*Assessing Safety in a situation

*How to be a Responsive and Safe Bystander

Cost: Free to the community

Presentation is free to the community. Registration needed as space is limited.

Babysitting will be available upon registration for children ages 5+ for $5 per child.