Often families do not have information to help support themselves and their family members at home and in the community. Therapediatrics is planning workshops in the Spring of 2019 to help individuals and families remedy some of these concerns.

Please check back as we update our workshop offerings in the coming months.

Nutrition and Your Family- Saturday February 16 2019 at 10:30 am

Therapediatrics is partnering with Feed to Succeed to present information to parents on topics related to picky eaters and to how to incorporate more balance in children’s nutrition.

Betsy Hjelmgren, from Feed to Succeed pediatric nutrition services, will present on nutritional management of children with a variety of nutritional needs, including food allergies, GI disease, and children with special needs. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about how we can partner together to provide a true multidisciplinary approach to treating the whole family!

Feed to Succeed’s, mission is to partner with children and families to provide inclusive, accessible nutrition education and genuine support on the journey to improved health and growth.  Feed to Succeed began in 2008 with Betsy Hjelmgren, RD, and today has become a renowned pediatric nutrition practice on Chicago’s Northshore. Feed to Succeed includes five experienced pediatric dietitians  offer nutrition services to hundreds of Chicago-area families every year. Feed to Succeed has board certification in specialties including pediatrics, nutrition support, and lactation.


Registration is needed as space is limited – contact Therapediatrics at (847) 996-6666 to register.

Cost: Free to the community

Babysitting will be available upon registration for children ages 5 and up at a cost of $5 per child

Active Meditation and the Family - Sunday March 3 at 1 pm

Join Meditation educator Erin Rachel Doppelt for a one hour Active Meditation workshop to increase immunity, lower stress levels and connect to your presence. Beginners level to encourage the daily practice of meditation for inner peace and self compassion. Breath-work + guided relaxation will leave you feeling calm  and centered as well as informed on ancient and 21st-century meditation. Some highlights will include learning meditations best for sleep, meditations best for panic and anxiety and best practices to live a calm, centered and present life. 

Erin Rachel Doppelt is an international wellness consultant, spiritual teacher and retreat leader. She facilitates innovative mindfulness workshops in the areas of meditation, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, conflict competency, nutrition, yoga, and spiritual, personal and professional development. The workshops help foster individual and corporate wellness, advancing team collaboration and decreasing illness, stress and anxiety. Erin developed the workshops based on her experience living and learning in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Erin earned an MA in Clinical Psychology and Education from Columbia University, and is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. Check out her Instagram @ErinRDoppelt and her website

Cost: $25 per family

Registration is needed as space is limited – contact Therapediatrics at (847) 996-6666 to register.

Help Build Your Child's Shield: Developing Your Child's Resilience to Stressful Events -
March 9 at 1 pm

This parent workshop is designed to show parents how to help their children to not give their power away. This program focuses on providing practical strategies to increase empowerment and control and also how to help children how to assess the safety of a situation and what responses are needed.

Presentation is free to the community. Registration needed as space is limited.

Babysitting will be available upon registration for children ages 5+ for $5 per child.