Behavioral Health

Crystal Villegas


Adults, Adolescents, Couples, and Families

In Person and Telehealth

Fluent in Spanish

Crystal Villegas (she/her/hers) is a bilingual Spanish-speaking Licensed Professional Counselor. Crystal has over eight years of experience in social work, including child protective services, foster care, and adoptions. She is also certified in Crisis Intervention and Victimology, which allowed her the opportunity to work alongside law enforcement in the victim services department in Tucson, Arizona. Crystal’s background in Crisis Intervention and Victimology, along with her experience working with law enforcement in victim services, makes her an excellent choice for clients who have experienced trauma or domestic violence.

Crystal understands the impact that trauma can have on individuals and how it can affect their mental health, relationships, and overall well-being. Her experience working with the police and court systems gives her a unique understanding of the legal process that trauma victims may need to navigate. This knowledge can be invaluable in helping clients feel supported and informed as they seek justice and healing. Crystal is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for her clients to explore their experiences and emotions. Her compassionate and empathetic approach allows clients to feel heard, validated, and understood, which is essential for healing from trauma.

Crystal also has a passion is working with clients who are immigrants, children of immigrants, and first-generation Americans. As a first-generation American herself, Crystal has extensive experience working with clients who face the challenges of generational trauma, breaking from traditions of their home country or their parents’ home country, language barriers, anxiety, guilt, and shame as first-generation Americans. These challenges may make it appealing for first-generation Americans to seek out Crystal as a therapist, as she has the expertise to help clients navigate these challenges and work towards healing and personal growth. Her own experience as a first-generation American allows her to provide a unique and empathetic perspective, creating a safe and supportive environment for her clients to explore their experiences and emotions.

During her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, lounging at home with her pets, traveling, and dancing!