Behavioral Health

Amy Slutzky


Adolescents, Adults, Families, and Couples

Life’s unpredictable nature puts a tremendous amount of stress on you and those that surround you at work and at home. Regular check-ups, vitamins, and healthy living strengthen us against life-altering diseases. Even our cars get routine maintenance so our families can safely get around on a daily basis. What about your mental health? The mind-body connection is no longer a mystery; your mental health is deeply connected to your physical health. Your mental health deserves the same focus to keep you and your family strong and healthy. Everyone, regardless of age or experience, deserves to be seen and heard without worrying that their story is not important enough or dramatic enough to be appreciated. Amy believes the best way to help individuals and families use their life experiences to successfully navigate current life struggles. Whether you are a tween, teen, individual, couple, or veteran, she believes that everyone has a story that is best told in their own voice.

Areas of Interest:

Parenting Special Needs Children |Parent Coaching | Anxiety | Depression

Certifications/Specialty Training

Educational Advocacy Training