To help families reach their potential, Therapediatrics treats both children and adults.  When the clinic was started it was focused on pediatrics.  As we have grown and made our focus on helping families, we have added services for adults as well.  At Therapediatrics, we feel that in order to help families grow and thrive, all parts of the family should feel supported. We now offer support to adults with individual, couples, and family counseling, support groups for adults, and workshops.


Sometimes it is hard to know if services are needed or how to get started. Let us know how we can help you.


Exciting News – We are partnering with Feed to Succeed

We will have more information soon, but we are excited to announce that Therapediatrics will be partnering with Feed to Succeed! Feed to Succeed is an amazing group of dietitians in Glenview that are pediatric nutrition experts. Feed to Succeed works with a whole range of issues including general healthy eating, picky eaters, poor growth, […]

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Our March Newsletter is Here!

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Help Build Your Child’s Shield – March 9 at 1 pm

This parent workshop is designed to show parents how to help their children to not give their power away. This program focuses on providing practical strategies to increase empowerment and control and also how to help children how to assess the safety of a situation and what responses are needed. Presentation is free to the […]

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